USAA’s Term Life Insurance Application Process

On the advice of our USAA personal finance adviser, my wife and I decided to purchase private term life insurance outside of what we already had through my employer.

Note: USAA provides FREE personal financial advice for all members and it is an extremely valuable service if you have questions about investing, college savings, insurance, retirement, etc.).

After filling out an online application for term life insurance through USAA, we received a call from a USAA representative who asked a few additional questions about our respective applications and then transferred us to a third party medical company who asked us medical related questions such as whether or not we were smokers, previous medical conditions, current medications, etc.

Next, we had to arrange for a quick home visit from a nurse to measure our height and weight, take our blood pressure, and collect urine and blood samples that would be sent back to a lab for further analysis.

That was it! All told we each had about an hour invested in the entire application process including filling out paperwork, scheduling the at-home visit and enduring the actual physical examination.

Don’t let the burden of applying for term life insurance hold you back from protecting you and/or your family’s financial well being in the event something happens to you!

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