A Reluctant Spouse Success Story!

Agreeing on financial issues with your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, or spouse is often one of the most challenging aspects of a successful relationship.  I’ve written about this topic several times, but today I wanted to share a success story from one of my regular subscribers.  Sometimes, a little information and the right tools go along way to getting your significant other to “see the light”.

This is “Lexi’s” Story…

I hardly ever comment on blogs, and I never email the people who write them, but I had to make an exception in this case. I’ve recently had a total money makeover and have caught Dave Ramsey fever. My fiance and I have $42,000 in debt (my car and the rest is student loans) and I can’t WAIT to pay it all off and be debt free!

My fiance and I have had many conversations about putting extra money towards our debt, but I think being debt free wasn’t a big concern of his since our monthly payments are actually quite low. The thought of not putting money into our emergency fund, even though we have about $10,000, makes him freeze up.

Well, my mom found your blog and sent me a link to your debt snowball spreadsheet. I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, but it’s safe to say this was the answer to my prayers. By plugging in all the numbers and running several different scenarios to show to my fiance, I didn’t even have to convince him of anything at all – the numbers did all the work! After seeing the plan laid out so methodically and realizing how much money we would have at our disposal every month once we firmed up our budget and paid off our loans (within a year!!!), he was completely sold.

Today I am making the last payment on my car, and next we’re moving on to tackle the rest of the student loans. Reading your family’s story was so inspiring to me, and I’m so grateful for your decision so share your knowledge on this blog.  Thank you so much!!

I’d like to thank “Lexi” for sharing her success story with me and for giving me permission to share it with the rest of you.  You’re not alone in your journey to take control of your family’s financial situation, sometimes you just need to try a few tactics to get the support you need!

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