Alex Rodriguez to Host CNBC Personal Finance Show on Athletes Facing Financial Trouble

Looking for some reality based TV that focuses on people who’ve made bigger personal finance mistakes than you?  You’re in luck!



ESPN is reporting that Alex Rodriquez, famed New York Yankees slugger, will be hosting a new reality show on CNBC focused on athletes face financial hardship after losing millions of dollars.

Tentatively dubbed “Back in the Game” as per a CNCB presser, the show, co-produced by Michael Strahan (another New York sports star, pair’s financial experts with bankrupt sports stars to help them turn their financial lives around.

The show should be interesting as it undoubtedly will help humanize the reality of superstardom and the importance of sound personal finance management.  It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you don’t make good decisions with your money, you will end up bankrupt.

One thing’s for sure, the show’s producers probably won’t be coming to me for financial advice anytime soon.

I’ll be looking forward to writing about the program’s pilot episode as soon as it airs.  Maybe they’ll even consider using my 21 Day Personal Finance Challenge as the basis for their coaching.

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