Another Goodwill Letter Success Story: Removing A Capital One Late Payment

Last week I received an email from a reader sharing her success removing late payments from her credit reports using my sample “Goodwill Letter”.  Today I am republishing her message with the hopes it will inspire other readers.

I wanted to send you a note thanking you for your help and your information posted on your blog.

I am trying to repair my credit in anticipation of qualifying for a home loan purchase and had gone thru a rough patch when I had some late pays (30, 60, 90’s) on a few credit cards.

My husband had just finished grad school and was unemployed, I was out on maternity leave and then we moved 700 miles to be back home after my husbands graduation to be closer to family and for a prospective job for him.

Anyway, these late payments had really hurt my credit – and I could see now way around them. One day (luckily for me)I came across your blog and the sample letter you provided to request “a goodwill credit repair.”

I copied it, rewrote some of it & then sent it off – really without much hope, but thinking “why not?” in requesting to get these late payments removed from my credit reports. And guess what?! The letters WORKED!

It didn’t get all of my late pays removed, some credit card companies denied my request right away, but in other cases, primarily Capital One – I’d say 50% of the requests were approved!

Your sample letter got them removed and cleared off my credit bureaus! THANK YOU so much for providing that letter – it helped me take back some control of my credit and made me feel so much confident in being an active participant in how my creditors VIEW and TREAT ME. Thanks again & keep up the good work!

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