Be A Better Employee (or Boss): The #1 Element in Effective Performance Appraisals

One improvement opportunity I’ve recognized over the last 10 years working in the “real world” is the annual or semi-annual performance appraisal performed at work.

I never understood why you had to wait months to receive constructive criticism about your job performance (or lack there of). It is the supervisor’s job to ensure an employee is meeting the company’s expectation and mentor him as soon as he/she notices an opportunity for improvement.

Here is a much better method that will improve productivity and foster a much better relationship between you and your boss/employees:

If You Are the Employee:
Periodically during the year (and well before your next performance evaluation is written) simply ask your boss how you’ve been doing and if there is anything that he/she would like to see you improve on. He may not be prepared to answer this question initially but it will open up a line of communication and demonstrate that you are eager to learn and improve your performance.

If You Are the Boss:
If you recognize an improvement opportunity in one of your employees you should put in motion measures to correct the problem as soon as practicable. Letting the employee continue the negative or unsafe productivity will make it more difficult to correct down the line when you prepare your annual reviews.

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