Over the years I’ve developed some helpful personal finance tools and calculators that my readers have found very helpful.  Please feel free to download and share these programs with your family and friends!

Free Excel Based Checkbook Registry:  This simple to use “Excel based” checkbook registry spreadsheet program is the easiest way I know to keep track of the account balances in my checking and savings accounts.

I created the spreadsheet after becoming frustrated with the complexity of personal finance programs like MS Money, and Quicken.

If you know of a simpler program for tracking your spending, I would love to hear about it!

Free Excel Based Personal Finance Management Program:  If you’re looking for more than my simple Excel Checkbook Registry above, you can download the complete personal finance program I created with Excel to track my own finances. This program can tracks your checking accounts, monthly bill due-dates, and your net worth! Its super easy to use and best of all its FREE!!!

Free Debt Snowball Calculator:  Are you curious when you will be debt free?  If you’re using the debt snowball method to repay your debt, this simple to use program will tell you exactly when your debt freedom day will come!  It also allows you to enter recurring payments, and one time bonus payments each month.

I designed the program to be as easy to use as possible while still providing the flexibility for more advanced users.

Free Excel Budget Tracking Spreadsheet: Here’s another helpful program for getting your finances in order. I created this computer based budget spreadsheet using the handwritten paper budgets my wife and I first used when we started to turn our financial lives around and pay of over $90,000 of debt.

Rental Property Investment Calculator: This Excel spreadsheet will help you determine the potential return on investment (ROI), monthly cash flows, total profits, and expenses of a prospective rental property.

Charitable Donation Value Calculator:  This simple Excel based spreadsheet calculator will help you keep track and calculate the tax deductible value of all your clothing, shoes and accessories donated to non-profit organizations like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Savings Calculator:  This free Excel based program allows you to compare the fuel savings between two different vehicles.  Its the perfect tool for deciding if it is worth paying extra money for a hybrid vehicle vs. a similarly equipped gas powered model.