How Online Trading Can Lead to Financial Independence

Financial markets are full of opportunities to make profits and if paired with the right method, the successes can be replicated multiple times to provide exceptional returns on investments. Some disciplined traders have made fortunes from the stock market and recently, we are consistently hearing about the money being made trading in the Cryptocurrencies market.
If done right, online trading can at a minimum, lead to financial independence because there is definitely no shortage of opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. They can rise and fall sometimes thousands of dollars per day. The fact that they are tradable 24 hours 7 days a week make them easily accessible so even people with regular jobs can trade after work.

Trading cryptocurrencies has proven to be very lucrative as the returns so far have been spectacular. Think of Ethereum trading at 8 USD early 2017 and reaching 800 USD in December 2017 or Bitcoin that recently touched the 20,000 USD mark.

Although not as spectacular as Cryptocurrencies, the stock market has been extremely Bullish with equities trending higher and higher week-over-week. Indices in the US and even Emerging markets have been on a solid upwards move. Volatility hit a historically low level in the stock market making it very hard to lose money on long positions even for novices.
So it is fair to say that fortunes have been made and can still be made trading, provided traders have the right mindset, use reliable tools and actually take action by entering financial markets.

Nowadays, online brokers made it so much easier for retail traders to join the market and use tools that were previously restricted to hedge funds. Modern online brokers have a client-oriented approach focused on making it easy for traders to join the market. Therefore, requirements to start trading have been simplified as you can start trading with just a 100 USD and all you need is a PC (a smartphone or a tablet can do as well) and a reliable internet connection.

With the incredible opportunities offered across the markets, planning the trade and trading the plan is the key to succeed in online trading and reach financial independence. That’s when having access to the right tools can make a significant difference. Financial traders now have access to multiple tools allowing them to control emotions while trading, build and test strategies in order to succeed and rather quickly:

Trading automation helped hedge funds manage and run their trades successfully. Nowadays, retail investors can use a similar technology and algorithms to automate, build and test strategies using the tools provided by online brokers. Online trading platforms allow traders to access expert advisors, use existing trading strategies or even build their own. They can also receive trading signals and use trading bots to run and execute their trades. Different tools are offered through different trading platforms and you can take a look at this trading platforms comparison page to compare the different available options.

Online traders can also use leverage to increase their positions without having to wait to accumulate the funds to invest or trade. This allows them to effectively enter the different financial markets and trade equities, cryptocurrencies, the Forex market and commodities.

The funds can be used to trade and benefit from Bull markets by initiating long positions just like they can be used to short these markets and profit from Bearish markets as well.

As we can see, there is no shortage of opportunities to profit in the different markets. Cryptocurrencies are continuously making new all-time highs, correcting then continuing on their volatile uptrends. Equities seem on a never-ending uptrend and offer interesting exposures to companies operating across the globe, commodities are volatile and constantly reacting to news from around the world. Sometimes, it is just a matter of taking action and some calculated risk to achieve financial independence and online trading using the right tools is the way for traders to start ripping the benefits of trading these profitable markets.

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