Self Storage Company Goes Green

Hall Street Storage offers New Yorkers the opportunity to store green for the first time. By introducing several ground-breaking green initiatives and opening self-storage rooms in its 1918 warehouse space, the company gives everyday New Yorkers the only green alternative for storage in the city, or the nation. The company is green on many levels—from renewable energy sources for 100% of its electricity use to biodegradable packing peanuts made of cornstarch.

Hall Street Storage, about a mile from DUMBO, has joined Brooklyn’s burgeoning green business movement with a number of forthright green actions. Its purchase of renewable energy for 100% of its annual electricity needs qualifies it to use the Green-e* logo, the leading symbol for renewable energy excellence, because of its strict environmental and consumer protection standards.

“By investing in clean, renewable energy, Hall Street Storage has given their customers the opportunity to support a company that raises awareness and inspires action by taking significant steps to reduce the negative impacts of a fossil-fuel energy generation,” says Aleka Seville, manager of Green-e Marketplace.

Within the company, green efficiencies and a remodel have resulted in the addition of 80,000 square feet of floor space. This newly available space has allowed the company to add self-storage units for individuals and small businesses. Many materials taken out during the remodel are being repurposed rather than trashed. Just one example is the antique wood taken from the company’s 1918 building, which is sought-after today by furniture makers and carpenters for laying floors, and will be used by area craftspeople.

In fact, Hall Street Storage has made an art out of finding every possible reuse for discarded materials, making its on-site center for packing supplies full of green materials such as boxes still in good condition for reuse and bags of paper from the office’s paper shredder to be used as an alternative to bubble wrap. Even the beams removed during the remodel of the building have become wood shavings to be used for packing material.

Also available are options like biodegradable packing peanuts made of cornstarch. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of recycled packing materials will be donated to the newly formed Wallabout/Clinton Hill Green Awareness Foundation, an organization founded by Hall Street Storage devoted to fostering sustainable lifestyle practices within the Downtown Brooklyn community.

Everyday actions that make an environmental difference within the company include initiatives like using eco-friendly cleaning products. These are echoed in an employee awareness program to elevate knowledge and use of green practices in employees’ own lives, which include the option of buying such items as natural cleaning products and low-energy light bulbs at cost.

Hall Street Storage even wants to encourage its customers to be green at home. New self-storage customers will receive an eco-tote bag filled with environmental helpers like a CFL bulb, a natural house cleaner, and a book with tips on how to be green. And if being green isn’t incentive enough, the company is offering a free year’s rent on self-storage to a winner drawn from those who register on the company’s web site. Soon the rest of the Northeast will have a chance to store green as well, as Hall Street aims to open fifteen green self-storage sites over the next five years.

“Our commitment to having the lowest impact on the environment is more than one of policy; it’s become our primary passion,” says Jeffrey E. Sitt, President of Hall Street Storage. He hopes the company’s commitment to the green business movement will inspire other area businesses. “It’s like dropping a pebble into a pond,” he says. “One little ripple will always reverberate into wider circles.”

About Hall Street Storage
Hall Street Storage has been serving the Tri-State area since 1931. It is a multi-building warehouse complex encompassing almost an entire city block in the Wallabout/Clinton Hill area of downtown Brooklyn, located opposite Steiner Studios and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and about a mile from DUMBO.

The facility encompasses everything from individual rooms to entire floors. With the recent addition of self-storage units, individuals and small businesses will now have access to a range of services like professional packing, shipping, mailbox rentals, and third-party licensed and insured local and long-distance moving.

Joining in the spirit of Downtown Brooklyn’s major transformation, Hall Street Storage is proud to have also evolved in its services and product offerings, updated appearances, green sensitivities, and philosophies.

For more information about Hall Street Storage call 718-855-3636 or check out their website at

*About Green-e
Green-e is the nation’s oldest and largest certification and verification program for renewable energy. The Green-e logo is a nationally recognized symbol to help consumers identify superior, certified renewable energy sold throughout North America. Green-e Marketplace certifies that the renewable energy that is purchased meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions in San Francisco.

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