Should You Hire an Architect for Your Home Renovation?

The following article is part of an ongoing series on home remodeling and personal finances.

Believe it or not, most homeowners don’t retain the services of an architect or interior designer when remodeling or renovating their home. They get a few ideas off the internet or in home design magazines, speak to a general contractor, and then start the home improvement project.

There’s a perception that architects and interior designers are too expensive and not worth the money, especially when you’re considering relatively minor home remodeling projects. Home remodeling projects typically cost far more than most homeowners realize so the thought of paying for an architect’s services creates even more financial anxiety.  The reality is, in many cases, architects can actually save you money and provide services that are worth far more than their billable hours.

Why You Should Hire an Architect:

Architects and/or interior designers can add a tremendous amount of value to your home remodeling or renovation project.

First, they are familiar with the latest construction materials and techniques that can dramatically improve the quality and cost of your remodeling project.

Second, architects have extensive training in ergonomic design and the functionality of a home. An architect will look at your ideas with a different eye and will likely see a better way of achieving your desired results.

Third, architects are familiar with the latest trends in home design which can help add to your home’s resale value down the road. They consider all factors in a home renovation or remodeling project including improving natural light, airflow and improved energy efficiency (insulation, natural solar heating, etc.).

Architects are not worth it for every home remodeling project, but many offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project and provide you with a list of services they may able to provide. Hiring an architect or interior designer is certainly worth looking in to for your next home remodeling project.

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