Small Business Profile: Winter Wreaths Inc., Franklin, ME


Every once in a while I like to profile a small business on my personal finance blog. Not only do these small business case studies provide inspiration for other prospective entrepreneurs, but the stories behind them are often very interesting as well.

Winter Wreaths, Inc.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Winter Wreaths, Inc., in Franklin, ME. Winter Wreaths Inc. is a small family run business that decorates and ships traditional and authentic Maine Christmas wreaths and Christmas centerpieces across the United States and beyond.

Winter Wreaths, Inc. owner Lisa inspects a fresh delivery of reindeer moss.

Winter Wreaths, Inc. owner Lisa inspects a fresh delivery of reindeer moss.

Owners Mark and Lisa Herrington (who happen to be my aunt and uncle) purchased the business earlier this year and have been very busy getting everything together for this winter’s Christmas wreath ordering season. I asked my aunt about her decision to buy a small business.

“I always wanted to do my own business but couldn’t figure out what to make or do that might make a bit of income, plus I was always unsure about the book keeping end of things. This opportunity came up and it felt like the right thing to do to help my dream along.”

In addition to shipping authentic Maine balsam fir Christmas wreaths, Winter Wreaths offers a variety of Christmas table centerpieces, candles, greenery and jams.

A Legacy of Entrepreneurial Spirit

order traditional maine authentic christmas wreaths

One interesting thing about Winter Wreaths Inc. is that my aunt and uncle operate it out of my great-great-grandparent’s house which has remained in our family for 6 generations.

100 years ago my great-great grandparents operated a store on the property (see photo comparisons above). The old store is now gone, but that same entrepreneurial spirit continues through my aunt and uncle’s Maine Christmas wreath business.

My Aunt Lisa sums it up, “It has been nice to be in this house again. Franklin, ME is a little town but people are always stopping by to see what is going on. It feels like old times .”

Indeed, there is now quite a bit of activity at the workshop and it has brought new life and excitement to what many consider the “downtown” area of this historic and quaint coastal New England town.


The house’s barn (which once held horses and cows) has been converted into a charming store front and workshop that is just overflowing with character.

winter wreath barn

All wreaths and centerpieces are hand made right here in Maine by experienced local craftsmen and feature locally sourced decorations (reindeer moss, Indian berries, pine cones, chestnuts and a hand-tied red velvet bow).

The previous owners of Winter Wreaths, Inc. are still very active in the business helping the new owners along.

“It also helps that the Marshalls (previous owners) are so helpful and sticking with us through this first year. Mary and I have reversed roles, she now decorates wreaths and I do the book keeping! She’s here and I can ask her for help whenever I need to.”

When it comes to ordering traditional Maine-made holiday Christmas wreaths and decorations, Winter Wreaths, Inc has you covered! Buy your own authentic “Made in Maine” Christmas wreath or decorative centerpiece today! As an added bonus, most wreaths come with a complimentary jar of locally made blueberry jam (ask for details)!

uncle markShipped to Your Door!: Can’t make it to Franklin, ME? Don’t worry, Winter Wreaths, Inc. offers shipping on every order (click here for pricing and order form)! Here’s my uncle Mark labeling one of the season’s first Christmas wreaths for shipment! But don’t worry, there’s a whole rack of wreaths behind him, maybe one of them is for you! Check out Winter Wreaths’s Website or call 207-565-3593 and order a Christmas wreath or centerpiece today! Maine Christmas wreaths and centerpieces also make great holiday gifts for family, friends and coworkers!

Order Your Official Maine Winter Wreath Today!

Order an authentic “made in Maine” balsam fir Christmas wreath or centerpiece today to add warmth and charm to your home this holiday season. You can visit my Aunt and Uncle’s website or facebook page or you can call them directly at 207-565-3593.

Tell them their nephew Ben sent you!!!

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