The Personal Finance Carnival Edition #2

Welcome to the second edition of the Personal Finance Carnival hosted at Trees Full of Money! If you’re new to my site, please consider reading my family’s debt freedom story and subscribing to my latest articles delivered via email or RSS.

Here are this week’s entries!!!

Pinyo presents What is a Good Credit Score? posted at Moolanomy. Do you know your credit score? Do you know what’s considered a good credit score? Learn how to get your credit scores for free and compare your score to established credit ratings.

LearnSaveInvest presents How Wealth Building Is Like Growing A Tree posted at Learn Save Invest. Your wealth starts by the planting of a single seed. With regular saving and investing it grows strong and provides you the freedom you want.

FIRE Finance presents Short on Tax Money – File an Extension or Pay in installments! posted at FIRE Finance. What if you don’t have enough money to pay your taxes?

Norbert Szabo presents Leverage Your Marketing Efforts posted at Web Marketing Strategies. Not many people ask themselves the question before they try making any money online: Why am I doing this?What are my real goals?This article will help shed some light on this topic. It will help you to see what are the exact steps you must make to be successful with any kind of business.

The Writer’s Coin presents Paying for Movers: Is it Worth It? posted at The Writer’s Coin. Moving is NOT fun, but is it worth it to pay a premium to have someone else do your dirty work?

Elizabeth presents A New Approach to Merchant Financing posted at Merchant Payment Plans for Today. With EPS-90, you will be able to help more customers with no credit, poor credit, or just not enough credit or cash do business with you today, which translates into more guaranteed Income for your business.

Susan Howe presents 10 Creative Ways Recycling Can Save You Money in a Tough Economy posted at The Budget Life Blog. Recycling is not just good for the environment and health, but it can also help us save and make a little extra money. Especially that everyone needs to stretch every dollar that they can nowadays. This article provide some of the ways on how to green up our lives.

John Mahoney presents How to invest your 401(k) posted at The Real Talker. Straight forward suggestions and reccomendations on how to invest one’s 401(k).

Ryan @ MFN presents Comparing Mortgage Life Insurance to Term Life Insurance posted at Military Finance Network. Should you get mortgage life insurance, or is term life insurance a better option?

Ryan @ CML presents Credit Card Companies Respond to Credit CARD Act posted at Cash Money Life. New credit card rules are changing the way credit card companies are doing business – and that’s a good thing!

MoneyNing presents 10 Situations in Which DIY is More Expensive posted at Money Ning. DIY is not always the most cost effective way of doing things.

The Smarter Wallet presents Compare Credit Card Offers: Find The Best Credit Cards For You posted at The Smarter Wallet. Some tips for finding the right credit card for your needs.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Best Online Stock Brokers For Cheap Stock Trades posted at The Digerati Life. Thought to offer a rundown of top brokers for those interested in investing in stocks and equities.

Mrs. Frugal presents Do Your Friends Share Your Financial Values? posted at Cool to be Frugal.

Ryan Ayres presents Financial Aid Realities: A Wakeup Call to the Middle Class posted at The Financial Student. Financial aid can be helpful, but don’t plan on it covering much, if any, of your college education.

jim presents How Hilton HHonors Rewards Program Works posted at Wanderlust Journey.

Roshawn Watson presents Through the Looking Glass posted at Watson Inc. Do you really believe in a world of financial abundance? Could you ever have too much money? Could you ever even conceive of summering in the Hamptons for $35,000 per night? Pregnant in your answer is a revelation of your core belief system regarding money.

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