Update: Opening Up A Load Bearing Wall Between Our Kitchen and Living Room

A few months back I wrote a series of personal finance articles on home remodeling. One of the projects I mentioned was our desire to open up the awkward wall between our kitchen and living room area to give our home a more spacious feel.

We knew the wall was “load bearing” so we decided against attempting to do the job ourselves and hired a reputable local builder/designer.

While I’ve covered the costs and other “disruptions” in previous articles, I thought some of you may enjoy these before and after pictures to help inspire your own home remodeling ideas.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.


Here's the awkward wall opening between the living room and kitchen areas.

Here’s the awkward wall opening between the living room and kitchen areas prior to starting the remodeling project.  Not only was the opening into the living room small, it restricted the natural light on the south side of the house from brightening up the kitchen.

Designer Renderings:

Contractor's design concept for our living room wall.

Contractor’s design concept for our living room wall.  Columns and bookcases were incorporated to maximize storage space, architectural detail and provide additional support for new load bearing beam.


Living Room Wall Finished 1

Finished project!  Bookcase tops were kept unpainted to match the hardwood floors.  New Yellow paint in kitchen helped to brighten up the space and make it feel “happier”.  

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